Heron Farm was born in September 2018, when Christine and Peter Helliwell decided to up sticks, chuck in their sensible office jobs, and move their young family from a new build house in suburban Edinburgh to Devon, to own and run a vineyard. 

You might call it a midlife crisis! 

Although they were not looking for a vineyard, when they stumbled across the property, they fell in love with it.

Steep learning curves in viticulture and the marketing and selling of wine followed. As did the realisation that a small vineyard in an unpredictable climate was not a reliable way to make a living. And so they decided to open the site up to visitors by opening a Vineyard Kitchen and Farm Shop. The project snowballed a little when they decided to add in a few extras such as a walled garden and play park. 

A year of building, landscaping and designing later and Heron Farm is ready to open to visitors in August 2020. Christine and Peter are excited by this next chapter and can’t wait to get the Kitchen and Shop open and welcoming visitors.

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