Heron Farm’s vineyard covers approximately 3.5 acres of south-facing and gently sloping land, ideally positioned to capture the best of the warmth from the sunshine.

3 grape varieties are currently grown – Solaris, Seyval Blanc, and Pinot Noir – across approximately 4000 vines, producing between 2000 and 4000 bottles of still and sparkling wine per year. These varieties were specifically chosen because of their high level of innate disease resistance, which allows us to use absolutely minimal amounts of herbicides and pesticide. In the future we would love to become a fully organic site, and are currently talking to the Soil Association about how to go about doing this. We would also like to expand into some other grape varieties, to increase our range of wines.

As we are a small vineyard, we do not have our own winery on site. Currently, our wines are produced by the reputed winery Haygrove Evolution in Herefordshire (http://www.haygrove-evolution.com/). One reason this winery was chosen was because they undertake small bach processing of grapes, meaning that our wines are produced exclusively from the grapes in our vineyard. As such each of our wines has a truly unique identity and taste reflecting both the characteristics of the vineyard and the climatic conditions during the grape growing season of each vintage year.

You can buy our wines on our website, direct from our premises (please just get in touch to arrange this), or in various local retail outlets including Greendale Farm Shop, Bartlett’s Farm Shop and Joshua’s Harvest Store. We are also featured on the Artisan Food Trail. 

Future plans also include the introduction of Vineyard Tours and Tasting Sessions; follow us on one of our social media feeds, or check back here, for updates on this.