Market Gardening 



Join us on Heron Farm to learn about how we grow and maintain the fruit and vegetable we use in our walled garden kitchen. 
We often work around the vineyard and orchards and if you’re interested to learning about market gardening, fruiting tree maintenance and vineyard care we would love to welcome you along for our open day on Monday’s between 9am and 1pm
Plenty of hot drinks and cake provided.  Please sign up below if you’re interested in learning more about the food production side of what we do here at Heron Farm & Vineyard 
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Riverside Conservation


Did you know a wide range of wildlife call Heron Farm home including a healthy population of both beavers and otters.  We work alongside Devon Wildlife Trust to create a natural habitat for both them and us to enjoy as you walk along the Otter & wolf rivers which run through and alongside the farm.

We love to host anyone interested in learning and helping us with what we do here at Heron Farm, from beaver habitat conservation to market gardening and fruiting tree care our groundskeepers and gardeners are always up to something!  They would love for you to join them and share their knowledge with you.

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