Curious Kombucha

We are proud to stock and serve Curious Kombucha in our vineyard cafe.  Taste of the West Double GOLD and a Champion winner, made by the lovely Emma! Brewed, bottled and packaged in beautiful Dorset, just over the border.

After working as a brewer for various Dorset Microbreweries, Emma became an award- winning brewster known for her love of bold flavours and the use of interesting and foraged ingredients. 

Driven by a love of fermentation and a desire to maintain a healthier lifestyle, in 2018 she turned her knowledge of brewing towards creating kombucha for her family.

From humble beginnings, brewing in the kitchen at home, she quickly outgrew her available space and moved into purpose-built premises. This not only had the benefit of more room but also gave Emma access to local spring water, giving the kombucha a delightful clean, crisp finish and is far nicer than using ‘corporation’ water. 

Curious Kombucha is an authentic living drink. They don’t pasturise, filter or add any nasties to their kombucha, preferring to respect the cultures which develop so all of us can benefit from the wholesome goodness in each bottle.

There will be changes afoot in the coming months and we will start to see Emma using more local ingredients, and we are excited to see what she forages!

With kindred core values in living peacefully on this earth, kindness to nature and our natural environment as well an overall awareness of our impact on the planet, one of the things we are proud to do in partnership, is that we collect Emma’s empties and these get soaked, scrubbed, washed and sterilised before being used again. The labels are carbon neutral and compostable too!

If you’ve not tried Kombucha before and are curious then give it a go from our drinks menu, and check out more information about Emma and Curious Kombucha on her website