Looking after our land has always been at the heart of what we do. Our sustainability is important to our business and our customers – not just from an ethical perspective, but also to maintain a natural ecosystem that is best for farm, our vines and our wine. 

We work consciously on a daily basis to tread as lightly as we can, situated as we are in rural East Devon, in the heart of the countryside and surrounded by Areas of Outstanding Natural Beauty and wildlife reserves.

We work within, and where we can beyond, the requirements of environmental legislation. We minimise waste (working closely with Devon Zero to Waste), the use of energy, water and other resources. We use LED lighting throughout the property and have motion sensitive lighting where appropriate.  

On our property, we grow most of the food we use, and farm in vineyard, orchards and kitchen gardens, without pesticides.

Our apple orchard was established prior to our purchase of Heron Farm, with traditional Devon varieties of apples and it is entirely organic, although not registered as such. It is grazed by our small flock of Ouessant sheep. Our flock eat the grass they evolved with, so emit vanishingly little carbon gases, and fertilise the land at the same time. 

In 2023 we will be installing rainwater harvesting, renewable heating sources, solar panels and expanding our EV chargers.