Solaris, meaning “Sun”, is another hybrid grape, created in 1975 at the grape breeding institute in Freiburg, Germany by Norbert Becker.

Solaris is an early ripening variety with good resistance against fungal diseases and frost making it the perfect choice for our site here at Heron Vineyard. It gives wines which have fruity and perfumed aromas with hints of banana and hazelnuts, with medium acidity. It’s yield is high, and must-weight is high and the early ripening is perfect for our English wine production season.

The Solaris grape produces a dry wine perfectly paired with fish, chicken or salad and we use this grape in our rosé alongside our Pinot Noir grapes.

If you’d like to explore our grapes and wine-making in more detail, our vineyard tours will give you the perfect insight and better still, tasting too!


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