Owens Coffee

If ever there was a coffee partnership made in heaven, Owens Organic Coffee and Heron Farm Vineyard would be it! Owens Coffee has been roasting 100% certified organic and Fairtrade coffee since 2010 and was the first dedicated organic coffee roaster in the South West.

At their energy-efficient production facility and shop/takeaway off the A38, the Owens team welcomes visitors for tours, demonstrations, coffee experiences, cupping sessions and training baristas, including our very own here at Heron Farm!

Sustainability is at the core of Owens Coffee’s mission, which means looking after the environment, as well as the people and communities involved in producing the coffee.

Our espresso blend of choice at Heron Farm is Owens’ Gara. The beans are grown by organic coffee farmers in the Nueva Segovia region of Nicaragua and the Santa Barbara region of Honduras. And for coffee lovers looking to reduce caffeine intake, we also serve Owens’ Decaf blend which is organically farmed and uses no chemicals in its decaffeination process.

Gara was named the Best Organic Coffee in the UK by the Soil Association at their BOOM Awards in 2019. It has a Great Taste Award and a Taste of the West Award.

Gara has also won a Gold Food Drink Devon Award. The Owens team is proud of their collection of Food Drink Devon Awards. They have been members almost since they first started roasting and have increasingly seen that the Food Drink Devon marque is associated with high-quality, independent producers and establishments, which we know our own customers value too.

Owens Organic Coffee Roasters

Gara is produced from organic arabica beans, shade-grown at high altitudes. Shade-grown coffee is grown under canopies of other trees and plants, producing slower-ripening beans and fuller flavour profiles without the threat of deforestation or chemicals. Organic farming uses natural fertilizers, natural pest control, and recycling and reuse techniques to preserve precious water supplies. The beans are certified organic by the Soil Association for independently monitored traceability.

The coffee is also Fairtrade certified, which guarantees fair prices to the farmers and their workers, and pays an additional Fairtrade Premium for farmers to invest as they see fit. This established, global organisation provides advice, supports growth, and helps combat the impact of climate change.

When the Gara beans reach the Roastery, they are clean-roasted using a high-tech, smoke-free Loring roaster. This roaster is one of the most energy-efficient models in the world, using 80% less energy than other roasting equipment. This benefits the operators and the environment; with fewer emissions throughout the roasting process, it locks in flavour, producing superb-tasting coffees. Gara has been developed as a darker roasted blend with flavour notes of fruit, smoke, and earth.

The freshly-roasted coffee is hand-packed by the production team and delivered to Heron Farm straight from the Roastery, for our Owens’-trained baristas to deliver great-tasting coffee every time!