As well as our garden to table ethos, on-site you will also find a selection of unusual edible plantings, expanded in 2010 to consider ‘climate change’ and embrace some long ‘forgotten foods’ native to the UK.
Many of these varieties are used in our kitchens, sold in our shop or harvested and shared with local producers.

These include quince & medlars, almonds & walnuts, mulberries, Japanese plums and a selection of rather special pears.

To learn more about how we use these products head to our shop, or view our menus.


Sustainability is something that we feel strongly about here at Heron Farm. The ethos of living and working lightly on this planet, and the land we are lucky enough to care for, permeates all that we do.

We minimise the use of any chemicals in our vineyard and we do not use any pesticides at all in the orchard or kitchen gardens, preferring companion planting and farming with nature in mind.

We recently blessed the Orchard with some Ouessant sheep who are used as ‘lawn mowers’ to control the grass and weeds as well as being happy to meet the smaller humans who visit us!

We have hopefully captured the essence of all that we do, including our zero to landfill approach to waste in our Sustainability Policy.  

Please, if you have any questions, our team will always be happy to answer them [email protected]